Vote yes to our referendum question:

4 Feb

Should EUSA lobby the university to immediately cease all new investment in arms and fossil fuels, and invest at least 25% of its endowment in an ethical fund manager?

In today’s world, what we do with our money has important ramifications. The University of Edinburgh claims to have been “influencing the world since 1583” – but the question is, in what way? Universities should be about socially useful innovation, but many of the university’s £250 million plus of investments are in harmful technologies and industries. Companies include Ultra Electronics, a manufacturer of components for military drones, and many fossil fuel companies, including Shell and Total, both oil companies with poor human rights records.

Drones are terrorising civilian populations in country’s such as Pakistan, and their use is being investigated by the UN as a possible war crime. Fossil fuels are the major cause of anthropogenic climate change, and are estimated to be responsible for up to 300,000 deaths each year (Global Humanitarian Forum, 2009). And fossil fuel companies, at a conservative estimate, have reserves large enough that if they are burnt they will condemn us to catastrophic climate change – in fact, using only a fifth of these reserves will push us over the limit (Rolling Stones, Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math). At least 80% of these reserves need to be left in the ground.

The university must not support these industries through its investments. It is detrimental to the image of the University, contradictory to its principles, and immoral – causing suffering to many without the ability to protest.

Vote yes to responsible investment. Go to to join the campaign today or find out more.


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