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‘EUSA launches sustainable investment campaign’ – The Student

16 Apr

The Student’s front page article on the ethical investment campaign!

Our campaign was launched earlier this year when a group of people from People & Planet, having been working on Responsible Investment for some time, and after an open meeting to decide our priorities, took a motion to EUSA’s external council. This motion was passed unanimously, and VPS Max Crema has since been working tirelessly to represent our views to the university. Meanwhile, we have held a debate and launched a petition!

The campaign continues! Join us!


‘The importance of spending ethically’

16 Apr

An article has been published in the Student Newspaper by our very own Nick Dowson, on the ways in which the values of organisations of all types are being skewed by financial interests – including a look at EUSA and the University of Edinburgh. You can read the longer version of his article on his own blog here.

PANEL DISCUSSION: On the values of UoE’s investments in a global context

16 Apr

We are hosting a debate on Ethical Investment at Edinburgh University on Wednesday 3rd of April from 7pm in Seminar Room 3 in the CMB. The debate will demand an explanation to the question of why, as a non-profit entity, a university should be more interested in making profit than in investing in responsible and sustainable projects. It will be a roundtable event, with experts from fields ranging from law to ethics voicing their opinions, followed by a question and answer session.