Responsible Investment and the Law

18 May

… this and other questions are discussed in Remus Valson’s Commercial Law Blog. As a lecturer of Social Corporate Responsibility, he was one of the great speakers of our Panel Discussion on April 3rd. Remus Vason highlighted the legal complexity that arises from the question of ¬†compatibility of the trustees’ duties and ethical investment – and the role of trust constitutions to clarify whether either of those decisive factors apply:

(a) factors relevant to long-term investment performance which might not have an immediate financial impact, including questions of sustainability or environmental and social impact;

(b) interests beyond the maximisation of financial return;

(c) generally prevailing ethical standards, and / or the ethical views of their beneficiaries, even where this may not be in the immediate financial interest of those beneficiaries.

If those apply (and we firmly believe our university has interests beyond the maximisation of financial return!) the trust can legally change its constitution to move towards a more ethical investment portfolio!

For more information check out Remus’ blog post !


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