University of Edinburgh launches consultation on ethical investment

12 Jan

With the 3rd largest endowment in the UK, Edinburgh University has £284 million worth of investments. The Socially Responsible Investment policy and the portfolio are currently being reviewed, and in a step that’s a first for a UK university, Edinburgh is consulting with students and staff members on the shape that this policy should take. Put simply, this is your opportunity to have a voice on the university’s huge finances!

The consultation document can be found here:!/fileManager/UN%20PRI%20consultation%20paper%20January%202014.pdf

Since last year, People and Planet have been running the Responsible Investment Campaign aiming to achieve divestment from both the arms and the fossil fuel industries. In September, the university divested from Ultra Electronics on ethical grounds due to its involvement in drones manufacturing.

This event will take the form of a panel discussion with speakers including Dave Gorman, Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, who will be presenting the consultation, EUSA representatives, People and Planet will also be outlining the Ethical Investment Campaign, and Michael Northcott of the Divinity Department will speak on ethics and investment.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A and the Sustainability Department will be handing out the consultation in order to record YOUR opinion on what the University should do with its money.

Come and have your say on the university’s finances!

Facebook event:


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