Occupation Demands

13 May

On the 12th of May Edinburgh University Court decided against committing to divestment. As a consequence, students have taken action and occupied Charles Stewart House. We are disappointed by both the decision taken and the lack of transparency surrounding the decision-making process. We are unconvinced by the policy’s ability to deliver even modest divestment from fossil fuels and thus have made the following demands:

Firstly, during the occupation we make the following demands:

– We want access in and out of Charles Stewart House

-We demand that nobody involved in the occupation be subject to any subsequent penalisation for their involvement in the occupation.

Secondly, our de-occupation of Charles Stewart House is contingent upon the following demands:

-We demand a commitment to divestment from coal and tar sands within an agreed timeframe

-We demand this timeframe to expire at our return to university in September 2015

-Thus, we demand the period of engagement with coal and tar sands to be limited to this time frame

-We demand full disclosure on the court’s decision-making process, that is, a description of how the decision was made and clarification on what the decision actually entails.

-We demand, as Edinburgh People and Planet, to have representatives present during all future discussion regarding ethical investment, and establishing parameters for what the University expects to achieve through engagement with fossil fuel companies.


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