14 May
Thanks for all the messages of support and solidarity! It’s keeping energy and motivation high inside the occupation, we’re still waiting until the University give us a satisfactory response to our demands…
Divestment really is a global movement – here’s a selection of the messages we’ve received from across the world:
From Egypt: Keep up the pressure! We stand with you in solidarity from Egypt
From Harvard:  People & Planet Edinburgh occupied their University’s administrative building one day after their Administration rejected‪#‎divestment‬. So much love and solidarity to these brave students. They’re tired of bad excuses and being ignored by those in charge, so they’ve taken matters into their own hands
Divest Harvard are piling on the pressure to protest their University’s continued refusal to divest. Yesterday over 25 students blockaded the President’s office, risking arrest to disrupt until the University shows signs of change. Solidarity Harvard! Nice work, you are an inspiration.
From Iowa: You guys are great!!! Brave, heroic, intelligent, and morally in the right! We from the Climate Reality Project stand firmly behind you as does much of the world. Thank you! You are making such a difference!
From New York: Thanks for taking a stand for the climate! I support you from New York.
From Healthy Planet UK: A whole load of love & solidarity from UK health students & workers!
Statement from Fossil Free Warwick:
On the 12th of May Edinburgh University Court decided against committing to divestment. Fossil Free Warwick expresses solidarity with our comrades at Edinburgh who are currently in occupation in reaction to the University’s decision. This case unfortunately is an all-too familiar example of universities, public universities, placing profit before environmentally sound policy. Edinburgh will take divestment decisions on a case by case basis, only divesting in companies who currently have feasible alternative sources of energy. This completely negates the principle of fossil fuel divestment, which is a desire to explicitly remove the social licence of fossil fuel burning companies to operate within society; a policy which is becoming ever more a necessity given the perilous position of our environment.

Edinburgh’s escalation is not an isolated case. They have shown, alongside recent action by students at Harvard, that the fossil free movement is now not satisfied with empty promises of ineffectual change. Universities are perpetually straying into hypocrisy by funding world-leading environmental research, while shunning calls for an ethically responsible investment portfolio. It appears as if attempts to delay critical decisions, or even worse, imparting an inconsistent environmental agenda, are considered appropriate for handling fossil free campaigns. This is frankly naïve. Students across the UK are willing to escalate in the fight for a fossil free university system, and a fossil free society. Solidarity Edinburgh P&P!

…And a shout-out to Free Education MCR who have been in occupation since yesterday in reaction to education cuts!

harvard blockademcr occupy


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