Message of Support from Oxford…

18 May

Louis Trup , the President of Oxford Students’ Association, sent us this message of support following Oxford’s announcement that they will divesting their funds from coal and tar sands….

The University of Edinburgh is home to many academics who have documented the dangers of climate change. It is home to students who have clearly demonstrated the impacts of climate change on people around the world and have highlighted how strong the student feeling on divestment is. Yet the university management is choosing to ‘engage’ with the fossil fuel companies? The university has a duty to its academics and to the world to be intellectually honest, to maintain academic integrity, and to foster a community of learning by listening to its students. Yet the management is sacrificing the most important principles of a university to be part of a dirty industry.

Oxford have done it – they have stood up and said that we must listen to our students, alumni and academics and get away from these dirty industries. They haven’t gone far enough, and it’s by no means an end, but it’s an important start. If Edinburgh University doesn’t divest, it will be seen as being on the wrong side of history, and failing in its duty as an educational institution to stand by the research it produces and the voices of its students.

Oxford University Student Union and Oxford University Fossil Free stand in solidarity with the campaigners in Edinburgh, and hope the University can join Oxford in waking up to the dangerous realities of climate change.


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