Where is my mind? Night 6 in the occupation….

19 May

One of our occupiers wrote this lovely piece last night…

Where is my mind?

Night 6 in the occupation

I don’t know where my mind is. It’s here inside, it’s there outside. It’s still hanging in the exams of the last weeks, it’s already busy with my dissertation for the upcoming weeks. But the present takes up all the space. It’s urging me to do my to-do list instead of occupying a management building of the university, it’s mainly occupied with the occupation however.

But, I shouldn’t be doing anything else apart from this. If I want to keep true to my principles, I have to be here. To learn about how financial decisions impact the world around us is one of the reasons I studied Economics, sustainable energy solutions are what I have studied every day this past year and so this occupation is living what I have learnt. These principles are what I want to build my future, my personally and my professionally on.
That is why I’m here. To build a sustainable future for me and others. For people who think like me and this really lovely group of occupiers, and for those who don’t. For people who really really care and for those who don’t. Because not everybody can care, and not everybody has to. But us who do, we have to make a stand. A loud and clear and firm stand. And tell the University of Edinburgh that it has to care.

My experience in the occupation has been as unique as everybody else’s, and I would like to thank my wonderful flatmate again (and again) for dragging me off the couch, down here to be part of this beautiful community that has been formed in the past week. Despite not knowing anyone of the occupiers at the time of ‘moving in’, despite very different backgrounds, political views, and feelings about the university’s decisions, a common goal has formed us into a unified group of friends.

We will see how this plays out, but for me it is already clear that this experience has shaped my life and I will leave this building a different person than the one that came in last Wednesday.


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