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The Tories are no friend of the environmental movement

29 Nov

Yesterday we attended Scotland’s Climate March and were absolutely delighted by the turnout of about 6,000 coming together to stand up for the environment.

However, we were appalled that the Tories had been given a platform to speak at the rally.

Someone told us off for heckling them, as we were all here together in unity.

We are not in unity about climate change with the Tories.

Let’s be crystal clear, the Conservatives are choosing to destroy the planet and do nothing to protect our futures. They are not on our side. They are the people our march is trying to change the opinions of because they are the people who are currently shunning all of our campaigning and laughing at our environmental demands. These people are not on our side and to pretend so is utterly ridiculous. Being the party of the government the Tories don’t need to be given any additional platforms – especially when they don’t agree with the aims of the march.

Giving them a platform allows them to greenwash, to pretend they care about the climate. It makes it seem like they are on our side and is offensive to those who have spent their time campaigning to try and stop the government’s slashing of any remotely environmentally sound policy.

After 5 years of attacks since retaking power the Tory government are decimating the renewable energy industry removing the subsidies for wind, solar and biomass industries.   This has happened to such an extent that the UK has dropped out of the top ten on a respected international league table on renewable energy. Meanwhile the Tories are maintaining their intimate relationship with the fossil fuel companies that are causing global temperatures to rise so dramatically. They’re making no efforts to phase out fossil fuels or even to limit their damaging effects: just last week the Tories broke their manifesto promise and cancelled the £1bn pounds for carbon capture and storage.

Our march should not only have been condemning all of this but also slating the fact Cameron has appointed a former consultant to major oil and gas companies as the key advisor on energy and environmental policy before the climate summit in Paris.

The Conservatives are about profit, not people and not the planet.

All the parties have a long way to go with their environmental policies but one thing is sure, the Tories are not  working to slow the effects of climate change. We’re hurtling towards catastrophic climate change and they’re profiting from it.

P.S We’re pretty sure you could have found a presenter for the rally who was not suspended from a job for inappropriate behaviour towards a female colleague, but that’s another serious issue entirely