Why we’re picketing…

12 Feb

Here’s some statements from some of our picketers about why they’ve spent this morning sitting out in the cold.

I’m here to demand Edinburgh University support the fossil free future that awaits generations to come – Josephine

I’m here because I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the university I attend to stop funding the destruction of communities and the environment with their reckless investments in fossil fuels and arms trading. – Andy

I am here because it is hypocritical that the university which purports to prepare us for a successful future is simultaneously thwarting that future and I want my university to live up to its great reputation and take the only ethical and possible course of action. – Chloe

Edinburgh University has the power to be such a positive force in the world through its investments. – Student Campaigner

I’m here because we are getting dangerously close to tipping point. The longer we give industries that have been complicit in climate denial, profiting from war, humanitarian and environmental destruction the space in our investments the closer we edge towards climate chaos on a scale unimaginable. – Eleanor Dow



I am participating in the action not because I am naive, pathetic, and insensitive, as one of the staff members accused us of being, but because I’ve had enough of months of the University’s only going halfway on a commitment it should have made months ago: to FULLY divest from fossil fuels and arms. As long as my University continues to invest its alumni’s money in violence and climate change, I will continue to protest, doing what it takes for the University to notice us and change ITS insensitive actions.-  Melanie Espamer

I am here because inaction and apathy perpetuate an unequal and unfair world. – Jack Guariento

I’m joining the campaign: I think People & Planet’s work is important and because I want to show the uni that their investments are highly unethical. – Student campaigner

Our University are a shambles. They continue to claim to be a world leader in sustainability while continuing to foot the bill for climate change. Climate change isn’t a joke. It’s destroying our planet and will ruin our lives and decimate those of our future generations. Our University is aware of this but continues to be complicit in funding fossil fuels regardless. – Kirsty Haigh

You can read the official statement on why we’re occupying here: https://investethically.wordpress.com/2016/02/12/today-we-picket-then-you-comply-or-we-occupy/



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