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Ditch the Disciplinaries & Divest

21 Apr

Following our picket of Charles Stewart House on April 8th, the university is taking disciplinary action against People and Planet under the student code of conduct.

After a year which has seen over 50 students participating in direct action for the ethical investment campaign, in 2 occupations and multiple pickets, the university has singled out just 6 students for further investigation. The only evidence they are using against us is one picture found on social media of our peaceful protest.

Despite constantly stating that the university defends the rights of students to peacefully protest, the inconsistency with which it is applying its code of conduct makes it clear that this is an attempt to scare people away from taking meaningful action against the university. It is a telling sign of a nation-wide crackdown on political dissent that the university would rather spend time and resources intimidating students, than making a commitment to full divestment.

We will fight this disciplinary action and our campaign continues in full force. We urge everyone to spread the word about this attack on student activism and dissent.solidarity divest Join the fight for divestment and support our students!
Tell the University to drop their disciplinaries & divest instead.
Tweet @EdinburghUni using #defendprotestUoE
and email the principal using





A Year On and Edinburgh University Still Has Commitment Issues

4 Apr

We are occupying Charles Stewart House, the university’s financial building, a year on from the ten day sit-in which secured a partial divestment resulting in the removal of investments from coal and tar sands.

Since the occupation last May, and a further blockade of the finance building and one day camp-out outside principal Tim O’Shea’s office this term, the university has further reduced its investments in oil and gas companies, dropping by almost half between November and now. Last week, student campaigners were informed that the university was no longer invested in any companies involved directly in the manufacture of armaments, following a redistribution of investments into the Global Alpha Choice fund. Despite these dramatic reductions, Edinburgh University is yet to make any form of announcement regarding its apparent shifts in its position on ethical investment.

We will end the occupation when the university makes a public commitment to never invest in any companies taking over 5% profit from fossil fuel extraction and arms manufacture, and to withdraw its remaining two oil and gas investments, Apache Inc. and EOG Resources, which stand at just over two million pounds.
Since last year, nineteen UK universities have made commitments to fossil fuel divestment. The ethical investment campaign at Edinburgh is in its fifth year. It’s high time Edinburgh University lives up to its claims of socially responsibility and sustainability and joins the growing number of institutions divesting from destruction.