Campaign Goals

We are calling on the University of Edinburgh to ensure:

  • Elected student representation on the investment committee

  • – Creation of a structure to hold the investment committee accountable: an responsible investment sub-committee with representatives from all stakeholders to scrutinise investments

  • – Investment of at least 25% of funds in an ethical fund manager

  • No new investments in and a commitment to divestment from arms and fossil fuels

  • Positive investment: in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and in the university’s own activities, such as disability services.

We explain the reasons behind these goals here.

If you agree with our aims, please sign our petition today.

3 Responses to “Campaign Goals”

  1. Doug at 3:07 pm #

    Hi, I’d love to help and will try to be at the meeting.

    I can offer passionate bursts of effort, but not medium-long term involvement with EUSA politics, I hope I can be of use.

    • nickmdowson at 4:07 pm #

      Hi Doug, yeah that’d be great if you can make it! location has changed and it is now in David Hume Tower, Conference Room – 5PM on Monday.
      Just to say as well, passionate bursts of effort are great but this is not just EUSA politics – in fact that will only be one strand of the campaign – lots of actions, getting out and talking to people, and much more are just as a important!


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    […] Campaign Goals […]

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