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Info on University of Edinburgh Fossil Fuel Divestment!

28 Oct

Come and find out more about our Fossil Free campaign THIS WEDNESDAY (29th October) @ 11-2pm outside Central Library. We will be informing people about our progress since last years petition and open consultation, and how you can get involved with the campaign this year! (There will also be food…)

See you there! 🙂


British Medical Journal launches call for NHS divestment from fossil fuels!

1 Apr

The fossil fuel divestment movement is truly gathering strength accross the globe. Today the President, Editor-in-Chief, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Director of the British Medical Journal have written an editorial on Climate Change and Human Survival which calls for divestment from fossil fuel companies on the grounds of human health.

So what can health professionals do? Firstly, we should push our own organisations (universities, hospitals, primary care providers, medical societies, drug and device companies) to divest from fossil fuel industries completely and as quickly as possible, reinvest in renewable energy sources, and move to “renewable” energy suppliers. Secondly, we should each use whatever influence we have to change the minds and behaviour of others who are in positions of influence.

Thirdly, we need to build an alliance of medical and other health professionals to speak clearly to the public, the media, governments, and intergovernmental bodies to provide a strong and unified message—that climate change is real and is the result of human activity; that it is already affecting people around the world and is the greatest current threat to human health and survival; and that there are many positive and practical things we can do systematically and at scale to avert its worst effects.

Read more here:

‘EUSA launches sustainable investment campaign’ – The Student

16 Apr

The Student’s front page article on the ethical investment campaign!

Our campaign was launched earlier this year when a group of people from People & Planet, having been working on Responsible Investment for some time, and after an open meeting to decide our priorities, took a motion to EUSA’s external council. This motion was passed unanimously, and VPS Max Crema has since been working tirelessly to represent our views to the university. Meanwhile, we have held a debate and launched a petition!

The campaign continues! Join us!


18 Mar

Please show your support for our campaign by signing our petition!

“We want the University of Edinburgh to create a robust responsible investment policy that screens out fossil fuels and the arms trade, and makes the investment process more responsible, accountable and democratic.”

If you could encourage others to sign that would be highly appreciated – the University of Edinburgh has a very real chance to lead in the field of responsible, ethical, and sustainable investment – but they need nudging!

If you’re up for helping us further, you can download and print a copy of the Petition and collect signatures for us. Contact us and we can pick these up!


Auditing UK Investment

24 Feb

The Public Interest Research Centre has done an audit of UK green investment – in the light of the UK government’s (farcical) claim to be the ‘greenest government ever: PIRC |  The Green Investment Gap.


Debate on our referendum question – please share this!

12 Feb

Question 16 EUSA Referendum Debate Feb 2013 – YouTube.

See also this link for the debates on other referendum questions:


Vote Yes To Responsible Investment

5 Feb