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US campaign stimulating response from Harvard Political Review

28 Jul

“Divestment from select fossil fuel producers would send a powerful message to the energy industry and the nation. It would signal that America’s universities take the climate-energy challenge seriously … Adopting an investment strategy that encourages the development of renewable energy and lower-carbon fossil fuels could be an important piece of our university’s response to the coming energy challenge.”

Harvard Political Review on the Fossil Fuel Campaign “Divest for Our Future”


Climate Change Refugees in Alaska – and Political Denial

30 May

Climate Change Refugees in Alaska – and Political Denial

There are some interesting articles and media here about climate change and its effects as they are already being felt in Alaska – including the need to evacuate whole villages. The other side of the story however is a politically-motivated ignorance of the causes of climate change by those in power. When will proper action be taken?

‘EUSA launches sustainable investment campaign’ – The Student

16 Apr

The Student’s front page article on the ethical investment campaign!

Our campaign was launched earlier this year when a group of people from People & Planet, having been working on Responsible Investment for some time, and after an open meeting to decide our priorities, took a motion to EUSA’s external council. This motion was passed unanimously, and VPS Max Crema has since been working tirelessly to represent our views to the university. Meanwhile, we have held a debate and launched a petition!

The campaign continues! Join us!

‘The importance of spending ethically’

16 Apr

An article has been published in the Student Newspaper by our very own Nick Dowson, on the ways in which the values of organisations of all types are being skewed by financial interests – including a look at EUSA and the University of Edinburgh. You can read the longer version of his article on his own blog here.


Auditing UK Investment

24 Feb

The Public Interest Research Centre has done an audit of UK green investment – in the light of the UK government’s (farcical) claim to be the ‘greenest government ever: PIRC |  The Green Investment Gap.


FairPensions Video: The Campaign for Responsible Investment (Share Power) | FairPensions

18 Feb

Good Video here from Fair Pensions!

FairPensions: The Campaign for Responsible Investment (Share Power) | FairPensions.



Debate on our referendum question – please share this!

12 Feb

Question 16 EUSA Referendum Debate Feb 2013 – YouTube.

See also this link for the debates on other referendum questions: