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300 University Alumni withhold donations over fossil fuel investments

26 May

Global Divestment Day, 13 February 2015, at the University of Edinburgh (Source).


Over 300 graduates including physicists, linguists, PhDs, MAs, lawyers, doctors, nurses, and many others have signed an open letter to the university objecting to their investments in fossil fuels.

Graduates from 42 years of alumni signed the letter from the class of 1968 to those graduating less than a month from today.

Friends of the Earth Scotland Director, Dr. Richard Dixon, is among the signatories of the letter which concludes “destroying communities and trashing the planet is not deserving of alumni donations.”

The majority of the University’s £298 million endowment fund was raised from alumni donations so their threat to withhold funds could have a serious financial impact on the university.

One signatory, J. Daniel Pacey, cancelled his direct debit to the University and wrote to the Principal saying “other organisations, including universities, have divested their assets which were tied up with fossil fuels so why not Edinburgh?”

Letter from alumni to the University of Edinburgh

To the University of Edinburgh,

c/o Sir Timothy Michael Martin O’Shea, FRSE, Principal

Climate change is an immediate global crisis, caused by fossil fuels, and affecting the poorest most.

Tackling climate change requires clear and swift action.

The University of Edinburgh has announced vague and lumbering action.

The University’s £298 million endowment was gifted to support the University’s aim to benefit “society as a whole” and “to make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to Scotland, the UK and the world.”

However the most recent data shows that the University invested in companies like BHP Billiton (£3.4 million), who are cutting down virgin rainforest in Borneo to mine for coal, and Shell (£3.8 million) who announced this week they are drilling for oil in the fragile Arctic ocean.

Destroying communities and trashing the planet is not deserving of alumni donations.  We refuse to support the University until it adopts an investment policy with a clear, transparent and timed commitment to quit fossil fuels.

Yours sincerely,

Class of 1968

Paul Robert Warner Ramsay, Social Anthropology

Class of 1969

Marjorie Shackleton, BSc Diploma in Social Administration (1969 and 1970)

Class of 1973

Dr Nigel L Shore, BSc(Hons) Engineering Science

Class of 1974

Graham Shore, BSc Mathematical Physics

Patricia Marie James , MA German

Class of 1975

Christian MacLean, MA(Hons) English Language and Literature

Pamela Robinson Baillie, BSc Ordinary

Class of 1976

Margaret Gordon, Zoology

Class of 1977

Christine Sime, BSc BD (1977 and 1993)

Class of 1981

Matthew Aitken, Microbiology

Class of 1982

Caroline McManus, BSc Nursing Studies and Social Science

Tom Orr, MA General Arts

Class of 1983

Gordon Wilson, Ecological Sciences

Stephen Alexander Mackay Burgess, Biological Sciences

Class of 1984

Andrew Anderson, MA(Hons) Modern History & Politics

Jonathan Pullman, English and History

Miesbeth, MA(Hons) Social Anthropology

Tom Ballantine, Law

Class of 1985

Lucy Kelvin, MA(Hons) French and Spanish

Adrienne Terris, BSc General

Class of 1986

Nigel Bagshaw, Russian and German

Class of 1987

Alan Fleming, PhD Artificial Intelligence

Class of 1988

Ben Simms, History

James Simon Spence, MA(Hons) Philosophy & English Literature

Class of 1989

Juliet Wilson , BSc Biological Science

Max Carcas, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Class of 1991

Aleksander Wito, Electrical Engineering

Eliza Maltsberger, General Arts

Kenneth MacDonald, Geophysics

Class of 1992

Almuth Ernsting, MA(Hons) Generals

Hannah Williams , French and Spanish

Richard Dixon, PhD Astronomy

Class of 1993

Barnaby Dellar, BSc Mathematics (1993) and MSc Theoretical Computer Science (1995)

David Osborne, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Class of 1994

David Eyre, MA General Honours

Elspeth Murray, Social Anthropology

Simon Morris, BSc Physics (1994) and MSc Sustainable Energy (2007)

Class of 1995

Gillian Mackie, BCom(Hons)

Jean Blaylock, English Language & Literature

Mari Louise Todd, MA Psychology

Sean Robert Doak, BSc Physics (1995) and MSc Environmental Sustainability (2001)

Class of 1996

Bruce Stenning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

Chas Booth, MA(Hons) Social Policy and Politics

Daniel Mittler, MA(Hons) Politics

Wilson McLeod, MSc

Class of 1997

Andrew McNaughton, MA General

Claire Jane Hall, MA Social Policy with Gender Studies

Stephen Matthew, Physics

Class of 1998

Helen Blackburn, BD(Hons)

Kim Harding, Ecological Science

Class of 1999

Andrew Lamberton, Biological Sciences

Jenifer MacCaluim, MSv

Class of 2000

Daniel Pacey, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

Laura Moodie, MA(Hons) History

Lydia Grove, Agricultural Science

Rabbi Dr Rebekah Gronowski, BD(Hons) (2000) and PG Dip Div (2006)

Class of 2001

Bruce McAdam, PhD Informatics

Daniel Gorman, Environmental Archaeology

Emma Mayes , Biological Sciences

Ms Haf Elgar, MSc International and European Politics

Stephan Matthiesen, Physical Oceanography

Class of 2002

Alasdair MacCaluim, PhD (Scottish Gaelic)

Anna Price, BSc Animal Science

Christopher Jack, BSc(Hons) Geology

Jane Herbstritt, Non-Western Christianity

Matthew Hall, BSc(Hons) Biological Sciences (Plant Sciences)

Class of 2003

Eileen Veitch-Clark, MA Linguistics

Kathleen Lambie, Celtic & Scottish Ethnology

Sarah Hill, MA English Literature

Theo Andrew, Geology

Valla Moodie, MA American Studies (2003) and MSc Community Education (2015)

Class of 2004

Jamie Auld Smith, MA Mental Philosophy

Kathryn Pearson, History

Mairi Ferris, MA(Hons) Social Policy

Susan Jennifer Evans, MA Chinese

Wiebke Herding, MSc Informatics

Class of 2005

Cara Flowers, MSc Biodiversity and plant taxonomy

Daniel Navon, Philosophy

Fraser May, Civil Engineering

Julia Morrison, English Literature

Lexi Parfitt, MA(Hons) English Literature

Madalein Simpson, English Literature and History

Ruth Dawkins, MA(Hons) History of Art and English Literature

Tobias Kellner, BSc Artificial Intelligence & Psychology

Class of 2006

Catriona Mackie, PhD (Scottish History)

Chris Hellawell, Forest Ecology and Management

Dr Mhairi Coyle, PhD Meteorology

Eilidh Macpherson, MA Social Policy and Law

Iain Thom, Environmental Geoscience

Kara Filbey, BSc Biological Sciences (2006) and PhD (Immunology) (2013)

Vijay Kolinjivadi, BSc(Hons) Ecology (Conservation and Ecological Management)

Class of 2007

Alastair Brayne, BSc Artificial Intelligence with Psychology

Andrew Tovey, BSc Geography

Anne O’Donnell, MSc Community Education

Clare McKeown, MSc Social Anthropology

Dimitrios Sferopoulos, MSc Artificial Intelligence

Jonathan Cameron, Philosophy

Juliette Daigre, MA French

Marcela de Leon Perez, MSc Sustainable Energy Systems

Mary Madeleine Church, MSc Environment and Development

Murray Worthy, Politics

Richard Shore, MA History

Rosalind Cook, LLB(Hons) Law

Vincenzo Fiore, MSc Philosophy

Class of 2008

Alice Lakra, MSc Environment and Development

Christopher Nater, BSc Computer Science

Gaurav Sharma, LLM

Joseph Francis Edmund Payne, MSc Environment and Development

Lianna Muller, Nursing

Mark de Vries, PhD (Physical Chemistry)

Michael Snyder, MSc Environmental Sustainability

Natalie Czaban, History

Oliver Munnion, Environmental Geoscience

Richard Lander, MSc Environment and Development

Sidonie Ecochard, English studies

Suzy Goodsir, MSc Ecological Economics

Tara Quinn, Environmental Sustainability

Unica Peters, Divinity

William Ainslie Nimmo, Honours in Philosophy and English Literature

Class of 2009

Adam Offler, Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean and Middle East

Alistair Marshall, Chemical Engineering

Amanda Larsson, MSc Ecological Economics

Andrew Moles, English Literature

Ben Miller, Politics

Christopher Silver, English Literature

Daniel Milligan, BSc Biological Sciences

Darius Bazazi, BSc Environmental Geoscience

David Coates, MSc Creative Writing

Edwin Vollans, MSc

Fiona Ranford, Geography and Politics

Francis Hepburne Scott, Physics

Jacob Butcher, Ecology with Conservation and Management

Jeffrey Sheldon, MA(Hons) Chinese and French

Katherine Sellar, Biological Sciences (Infectious Diseases) BSc

Kathryn MacDougall, PGDE (Primary)

Larissa Powollik, MSc Ecological Economics

Lena Pokorny, BSc Biological Sciences (Plant Science)

Lindsay Walker, BSc Biosciences (Zoology)

Lucy Mason, English Literature

Melissa Fedrigo, MSc GIS

Nick Ward, History and Classics

Oliver Cooper, Architectural Design MA

Rachel Telling, MSc Environmental Sustainability

Robert William Smith, MA Mind and Language

Class of 2010

Alanna Petrie, English literature and philosophy

Alice O’Rourke, Social Anthropology and Development

Ally Hurcikova, MA International Relations

Alva Katharina Traebert, MSc Gender History

Charlie King, History

Denise Nicole (Wood) Marshall, Master of Arts Linguistics

Emily Nicholl, MA French and Politics

Evelyn Capelin, BSc Biological Sciences (Hons) Zoology

Eystein Thanisch, Celtic Studies

Hannah Rastall, Geography and Archaeology

Hiran Balasuriya, Philosophy

Jamie Sparkes, Mechanical Engineering

John Paul Jennings, PGDE

Lee Bunce, MA Philosophy and Mathematics

Liz Elt, English Literature and History

Martin McHugh, BSc Biological Sciences (Infectious Diseases)

Oliver smith, BSc(Hons) Physics

Sarah Anne Clark, English Literature and Classics

Sarah Jane Stapleton, MSc Social Science

Scott Becker, BA Economics

Shona Rawlings, Biological Sciences (Zoology)

Sophie Papke, BA Classics

Thomas M Fenton, Biological Sciences with Honours in Immunology

Vangelis Makriyannakis, PhD (Film Studies)

Class of 2011

Amanda Grimm, Linguistics and English Language

Calum Eadie, Business Studies and Accounting

Caroline Overy, MSc Environment, Culture and Society

Charlotte Hayes, MA Divinity

David French, MPhys Physics

Deirdre Butterly, MA(Hons) Social Anthropology with Development

Elsbeth Helfer, MA French & Linguistics

Emma Pattinson, MSc Community Education

Helena Porrelli, Politics and Spanish

Hertha Taverner-wood, Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy

Holly Clark, Biological Science (Medical Biology Honours)

Iain Longstaff, MPhys

Isabel Urquhart , Linguistics

Isabelle, MSc Global Health and Public Policy

Jonathon Black, MSc Social Research

Joseph Ritchie, Law

Karl Finn Graham, MSc American Literature

Katherine McMahon, MA(Hons) Social Anthropology

Katie Revell, German and Politics

Maddie Appleton, Linguistics

Martin Reavy, BEng Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Michael Beaton, Zoology

Mike Williamson, MA Spanish and Portuguese

Nicholas Sanderson, BSc Geography

Rhiannon Sims, Social Anthropology

Richard Littauer, MA(Hons) Linguistics

Robert Hay, Masters in History

Ryan Elfman, Ecological Science

Sara Marsden, Research MSc Public health policy research

Tashya Abhayaratna, MBChB

William Norman, Ancient History and Latin

Class of 2012

Alexandra Young, MSc International Development

Atsushi Muramatsu, MMus Composition

Benjamin Garlick, MScR Human Geography

Camilla Born, BSc Geography

Charlie Goodwin, MA Social Anthropology

Daniel Abrahams, Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy

Emma Saunders, BSc Geography

Eoin Vondy Smith, Ecological Science

Francesco Benvenuti, BSc(Hons) Ecology (Conservation and Ecological Management)

Giulia Sagliardi, Classics

Innes MacLeod, History

Jack Montgomery Smith, Philosophy

James McAsh, MA Economics and Politics

Joel Sharples, History and Politics

John Fitzgerald, MSc Philosophy

Julika Blüthgen, LLB Law

Karen Tostee, MA French and Politics

Kate Brazier Tope, MA(Hons) Geography

Katherine Harris, MA Sociology

Laura Jean shepherd , Geography

Laura Tomson, MSc Social Research

Lauren Pyott, MA(Hons) Arabic

Lewis Macdonald, MA English Literature and History

Lysimachos Zografos, PhD (Neuroinformatics and Computational Neurobiology)

Maria Giulia Franzoni, Classics

Martine Stoll, Environmental Science

Matthew Dekenah, MSc Global Health and Public Policy

Matthew Dumont , Environmental Geoscience

Milena Lasheras-Maas, Politics

Nick Chapman, MSc Sustainable Energy Systems

Olivia Carina Damm, MA Arabic and Politics

Philippa Roddis, English Literature

Shamiso Lewis, MA(Hons) International Relations

Sophie Cartwright, PhD (Divinity)

Stephen Devlin, MA(Hons) Economics

Thomas Martin, Geography

Zoe Langford, Geography

Zurab Azmaiparashvili, MSc Global Health and Public Policy

Class of 2013

Alice Ennaks Sumner, Cognitive Science

Andrew Ashe , LLB(Hons) Law

Anna Margot Faber , Environmental Sustainability

Bregje van Veelen, MSc Environmental Sustainability

Claire Crofton, Social Anthropology

Felicity Monk, International Relations

Georgina Massouraki, MSc Science Communication & Public Engagement

Hsin-An Chen, MSc Environmental Sustainability

Jonathan Coward, MSc Environment, Culture and Society

Justine Taylor, Social Anthropology

Kirsty McConnell, Biological Sciences

Kristina Jonutyte, MA(Hons) Social Anthropology

Kristina Simonaityte, BSc Ecological Science

Louisa Casson, MA French and English Literature

Maisie Lemon Smith, MSc Geographical Information Science

Mike Shaw, Mathematical Physics

Neus Giner-Garcia, Community Education

Olga Bloemen, MA Social Anthropology

Oliver Benton, BA(Hons) Intermedia Art

Rebecca Chan , Social Anthropology

Reem Abu-Hayyeh, MSc Middle Eastern Diasporas

Richard Atkinson, German and Linguistics

Rurigdh McMeddes, MA Philosophy and Psychology

Svenja Timmins, MRes Human Geography and MA(Hons) Geography

Telche Hanley-Moyle, Arabic and Social Anthropology

Thomas Davison, MPhys Astrophysics

Tim Thorpe, MSc Environment, Culture and Society

Victoria Rothwell, MEng Mechanical Engineering with Management

Wilhelm E. J. Klein, MSc Environment, Culture & Society

William Golding, MSc Community Education

Class of 2014

Ailsa Skuodas, MEng Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy

Amabel Crowe, History

Amna Hayat, MA(Hons) Social Anthropology and Politics

Archie Crofton, Ecology

Beth Lehem, Nursing

Charlotte Flechet, MSc Environmental Sustainability

Christian Kaufmann, MSc Ecological Economics

Cristina Moreno, Biomedical Sciences (Infectious Disease)

Daisy Martinez, Environmental Sciences (Ecology)

David William McGinlay, Classical Studies

Dominic Aitken, Law

Edward Lewis, Ecological Science (Forestry)

Emma Fairlie, BSc Geology

Ernesto Vladimir Gálvez Fournier, PgD Sustainable Energy Systems

Esmond Sage, MA History

Franziska Klara Schmidt, MSc Environment, Culture and Society

Gabija Sotvaraite, Ecological and Environmental Science

Jan Savinc, MA Cognitive Science

Jethro Gauld, MSc Ecosystem Services

Jimena Villar de Onis, LLB

Joel White, Social Anthropology

John Jaeger, Soils and Sustainability

Joseph Thompson, MA(Hons) Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations

Katerina Michailidou, MSc Ecological Economics

Katie Jane Callin, Ancient History

Katie Roberts, Geography and Politics

Lewis White, MSc History and Theory of Psychology

Luciana Miu, Ecological and Environmental Science

Lyubomira Derelieva, LLM European Law

Madeleine Lundholm, MSc Urban Strategies & Design

Mark Baldwin-Smith, MSc Environment, Culture and Society

Mathew wilkie, Mechanical Engineering

Matthew sellar, LLM Global Environment and Climate Change Law

Max Crema, MA Economics

Megan Brevig, English Literature

Nicholas Murrell-Dowson, MA(Hons) Politics

Philip Anthony Jennings, MEng Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy

Rachael Barton, MSc Ecosystem Services

Rory Scothorne, History and Politics

Sarah Lang, MA Sustainable Development

Shana Hirsch, MSc Global Environment, Politics and Society

Silas McGilvray, International Relations

Silvia Perini, Archaeology

Class of 2015

Brenna Aston, Sociology

Charlotte Wrigley, Environment, Culture and Society

David M. T. Arnold, BA(HSS) Linguistics

Ellinor Borjesson, Religious Studies

Emily Freeman, Diploma in Professional Legal Practice

Fabian Schastok, Nationalism Studies

Filippa Sofia Braarud, MA International Relations and Law

Jiazhen Birella, MSc EPM

Olof Nord, Computing Science