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‘is the lawlessness of Obama’s drone policy coming home?’

26 Jun

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard some startling revelations about the extent of surveillance by US and UK security services. One less covered aspect of this story is the link to drones; in fact, two of the Drone wars victims at least are thought to have been killed after they discovered their location as a result of ‘metadata’. Al-Awlaki and his Grandson were both American citizens, and both assasinated by drones by the US security services.

George Monbiot has written about the consequences of this sort of illegal and murderous behaviour abroad within our own countries. This is yet another reason why we need to stop the production and use of military drones:

The shooting of Ibragim Todashev: is the lawlessness of Obama’s drone policy coming home? | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian.


“Edinburgh Uni students protest US drone funding”

19 Jun

The Scotsman has just run an article on Edinburgh Uni’s investments, and our campaign:

Edinburgh Uni students protest US drone funding – Education – Scotsman.com.

Scary Video about micro-drones in development…

2 Jun


Charlie Brooker, creator of the Black Mirror series of TV programmes about scary technological futures, has written an article about drones after seeing a video of drones masquerading as pigeons and beetles and leeching power from electricity lines. But these drones have weapons too…



‘The importance of spending ethically’

16 Apr

An article has been published in the Student Newspaper by our very own Nick Dowson, on the ways in which the values of organisations of all types are being skewed by financial interests – including a look at EUSA and the University of Edinburgh. You can read the longer version of his article on his own blog here.