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Fossil Free Tour Comes to Edinburgh

28 Oct

This Wednesday evening the exciting Fossil Free Tour is kicking off the campaign across the UK: with a stirring talk by US environmentalist Bill McKibben, music by artist FILASTINE, and video links with Naomi Klein Desmond Tutu and Kumi Naidoo!

This is the place to come along, find out more about what’s happening with the climate and why, and most importantly – what you can do about it! This divestment campaign is getting bigger by the day, with the recent announcement by the Quakers of their divestment from fossil fuels its first mark on the UK.

Let’s make Edinburgh the next stop!

7-9 PM Wednesday 30th October, New College Assembly Hall; Book tickets at Eventbrite.

Bring everyone you know!There will also be an afterparty in Teviot Underground!



Universities under fire for investing in fossil fuel polluters

21 Oct

The Herald has just published this article by Rob Edwards about the investments of universities in Scotland in fossil fuel companies. They need to take action – the University of Edinburgh has just announced a review, so let’s make sure they know this isn’t ok!

We urgently need to take action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels; but governments aren’t doing enough, and fossil fuel companies are doing all they can to protect their damaging business model.

“Edinburgh Uni students protest US drone funding”

19 Jun

The Scotsman has just run an article on Edinburgh Uni’s investments, and our campaign:

Edinburgh Uni students protest US drone funding – Education – Scotsman.com.

George Monbiot calls for fossil fuel divestment

30 May

Many universities, including the University of Edinburgh, have long since taken the decision to divest from Tobbaco, in recognition of the contradiction between holding stocks in the Tobacco industry and doing research to tackle its health effects.

But why have these same universities, who engage in research on climate change – a health threat on a scale much larger than that of tobbaco –   not applied the same logic to their investments in oil funds, Monbiot asks in this Guardian article.


Creative Commons: Normand Desjardins


Climate Change Refugees in Alaska – and Political Denial

30 May

Climate Change Refugees in Alaska – and Political Denial

There are some interesting articles and media here about climate change and its effects as they are already being felt in Alaska – including the need to evacuate whole villages. The other side of the story however is a politically-motivated ignorance of the causes of climate change by those in power. When will proper action be taken?